The DRULA ® Brand

In 1925, the pharmacist and chemist Dr O. Druckrey developed the idea for DRULA®, registering the patent as a trademark. The company began in the lab of a high-street chemist, as with many well-known companies, such as Schering and Merck.

Until 1945, the company was based in Quedlinburg. In 1953, DRULA® moved its base to a new production site in Soest, Westphalia.

DRULA® products are exported to many countries worldwide. In particular, the famous DRULA® BLEACHING WAX has gained international importance since 1960.

In the last 30 years, the products have undergone constant redevelopment and new product lines have been added, too. Via renowned beauty shows and awards, the range of cosmetics has gained international recognition.

From our own experience and the positive feedback from our customers, we believe in the high effectiveness and safety of DRULA® skin care products. True to Dr O. Druckrey’s ideas, we do our best every day, just as he did when it all began back in 1925.